Cut ties with Trump

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By Raul Garcia Jr.

“You’re Fired!”

To stereotype all Mexican and South American illegal immigrants as rapists and drug dealers is un-American and racist. The American people don’t need Donald Trump for President even more after saying those words.

His deep pockets and confident attitude doesn’t mean he can be insensitive to people even though he is talking about the nation’s biggest and important issues.

The Republican Party would be endorsing murder if they nominate Donald Trump as their Republican candidate for President. Trump’s inaccurate accusations on Mexicans proves he fails in diplomacy and his rhetoric is damaging to the country and to many of the 50 million Latinos in the United States.

We cannot forget one of the most recent tragedies in American History was based on his point of a certain kind of people of color being rapists. Nine Black people were massacred by a young white man in South Carolina because he believed Black people were rapists.

Trump’s tone and honesty is not the kind character to lead the United States of America. Hate was riddled between the lines in his first speech for president. He has left people outraged and quite possibly the KKK card carrying members in tears of joy for the yearn to lynch rapists.

People should fear that others can be inspired to harm Latinos despite their naturalization status. It’s unfair to group all illegal immigrants as rapists, bad people and drug dealers. They are not coming over like flowing water as Trump would tell you and committing ongoing violence. He wants boardroom war and that’s not the way the president’s role is supposed to be. The American people deserve a leader with reason.

People are coming to America illegally because they are in search of a better life. They are working people and most of them toil in American agriculture fields. They do pay texas and even run their own businesses that don’t involve drugs or violence. Trump taking on the Republican Party’s insecurity of illegal immigration was calculated to help his campaign for the Republican nomination.

His grandparents are immigrants from Germany and Scotland. They like everyone else came to America for opportunity and work. When they came into Ellis Island like many other immigrants they were coming to America for a news start. And that is what is going on now. The only difference is now is there is no open immigration act in the United States.

It is astonishing that the American people and Republican Party are even entertained by him. His blunt boardroom banter should not be excused in this case because it was insensitive. Political correctness does matter. His speech showed he is on the campaign trail wielding an ax. That is not what the American people need or want. And don’t be fooled Trump is a real-estate mogal not a leader of the free world.

It’s a joke that he continues to campaign and polls show that he is leading the race for the Republican ticket.