City wide boiling notice in Weslaco expected to last until noon Thursday

WESLACO — A drop in water pressure that prompted a city wide boiling notice has been attributed to human error.

At the request of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Weslaco has issued notices to residents informing them of a need to boil their water before drinking or using it for cooking purposes. Businesses have consequently been affected, and in many cases restaurants have been forced to turn away customers.

Mayor Pro-Tem Olga Noriega took to Facebook Tuesday evening to address the issue, noting that the source of the problem was at the water plant.

She said, “We are experiencing low water pressure. The problem is at the water plant. Please know that the water pressure should be going up between two to four hours on the north side and a bit longer on the south side. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

On Wednesday, City Manager Mike Perez said the boiling notice was necessary because the city’s water pressure had dropped below 20 pounds per square inch, which procedurally requires officials to notify residents to boil.

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